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Togo: izgradnja radiotelegrafske postaje v Kamini

Barona Codellija je avstrijska vojna mornarica zaradi njegovih izumov na področju elektrotehnike določila za graditelja radijskega oddajnika za zvezo med ladjami na Jadranu in Dunajem. Radijski oddajnik je bil postavljen v tedanji realki na Vegovi ulici v Ljubljani.  več
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Cilka Žagar - Slovenian Opal in Australia
After finishing the Teachers College in Celje, Cilka Žagar moved to Australia in 1963. From 1965 to 2000 she taught in Australian schools. She specialized in intercultural connections, focusing mainly on Aborigines, and collected and published a book of their legends and some of their songs, a dictionary of their words, and wrote about their culture and traditions. She also wrote keenly about Slovenian immigrants: she self-published several collections of stories and poems. Books on the dLib.si portal are available with her permission.
Kosovel’s manuscripts
A hundred and ten years have passed since the birth of slovenian poet Srečko Kosovel (1904-1926). Although he died very young, he profoundly marked the Slovenian literary environment and society. His literary legacy consists mainly of poetry; he was also a critic and publicist. We are pleased to announce that a large part of Kosovel's manuscript legacy - poems, short stories, essays and the poet's correspondence - is now also available on the dLib portal.
Slovenia in figures and Statistical portrait of Slovenia in the EU
The publications Slovenia in Figures and Statistical Portrait of Slovenia in the EU present surveys based data on population , the country, climatic conditions, pollution and waste discarding, social conditions, education, employment or unemployment, the consumer activities, industrial and development activities, import and export of goods, tourism and much more. Some numbers of both publications published by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia are now available on our web site.
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