Ten years ago, the Republic of Slovenia adopted a new Law on Legal Deposit (ZOIPub, Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Num.: 69/0, 86/09), which embraces new forms of publishing or publications. According to this Act, the National and University Library is the authorized public institution that collects, preserves and provides access to all publications defined as national cultural heritage. Besides collecting and preserving books, newspapers, maps, sound and video recordings, music and ephemera and other formats of records; since 2008, the Library also captures and preserves online publications, and from 2015 web sites under the si. domain as well as.

Online publications obtained as legal deposit can be read and viewed on our web site - they are marked as online publications of legal deposit. Versions of captured web sites are accessible on the portal Web Archive of the National and University Library.

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A transcription of music scores of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6, also known as the Pastoral Symphony with the composer’s handwritten correction, is now available on the dLib.si.
The Ljubljana Philharmonics performed the symphony in 1818, on February 28. As it hadn’t been printed yet, they had to ask the composer for handwritten music scores. He complied with their request and sent them a transcripted copy with his handwritten corrections – the copy is kept in the Music Collection of the National and University Library.
Matthias von Tuscher, the Vienna Magisterial Councillor, enabled the philharmonics to give the composer a diploma of the Philharmonic Society (Philharmonische Gesellschaft) honorary member (dated 15 March 1819), the Society statute and the membership list. Beethoven thanked them in the letter dated 4 May 1819; he wrote that he appreciated the recognition for his "not great" merits in the musical arts confirmed by the Ljubljana Philharmonic Society. Letter was originally kept in the archives of the Philharmonic Society, but immediately after the First World War, the cultural society Glasbena matica, Ljubljana sold it to Switzerland. Since 1956, the letter is kept in the Beethoven House in Bonn.
News archive