Aldrovandi’s Encyclopedias
An early-modern natural science encyclopaedia has returned to NUK. It was taken out of Ljubljana together with the rest of the library of the Counts of Auersperg after the 1895 earthquake. This year, we repurchased it with the help of sponsors, donors and patrons. The book completes the collection of Aldrovandi's works from the Wolfgang Engelbert Auersperg’s (1610-1673) collection, which have remained in the Slovenian territory despite the different historical circumstances. Auersperg’s encyclopaedias of fish, cloven four-hoofed quadrupeds, viviparous quadrupeds with fingers, snakes, dragons, and other bloodless animals, which were most probably donated to the predecessor of the National and University Library, the Lyceum Library by the Auersperg family are now completed with the “History of Unnatural Beings, with the Cases, Previously Omitted in the History of All Animals". All six books also contain a hand-written ownership inscription of the Carniola’s General Governor Wolfgang Engelbert, Count of Auersperg.
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The Pasijonski Doneski Publication
The Škofja Loka Passion Play is the oldest preserved Slovenian dramatic text. For twenty years already, the Pasijonski Doneski Publication has been published – it compromises information on old and new facts about the rich Slovenian passion tradition. Due to its inclusion on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Passion has become internationally known.
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