Cankar's Universe
We invite you to use a new digital educational resource that offers a complete insight into Ivan Cankar’s life and work. Cankar's universe is intended to support learning process in elementary schools; it is also useful for anyone who, in addition to Cankar’s literary heritage wants to know more about his personality and circumstances affecting his life.
The teaching resource brings together Cankar’s life , photos, articles, books and material presenting his lifestyle, political activities, love and the spirit of the time in which he worked. More is seen in the video.
It is a joint project of the National and University Library, the Kašelj Primary School (Osnovna šola Kašelj), the Grammar School Vič (Gimnazija Vič) and the Department of Geography of the Faculty of Arts – the Ljubljana University.
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Beautiful Missal from Slavina Digitised
A number of people wrote the manuscript in different handwritings. It has eight beautiful initials, one of which is threadlike, the rest are painted in the South German style and are probably a work of a Stuchs master.
The content consists of masses for the holidays from Christmas to feast of Corpus Christi, consecration of the church, Gloria, Mary's Mass, Credo, canticles (Praefatio), Calendar, canon of the Mass, records on Saints holidays and name days, and records on the purchase of the missal.

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