Igor Krivokapič the composer : a collection of music scores and audio recordings

Igor Krivokapič belongs to the middle generation of Slovenian composers. During the last thirty years, he has composed numerous compositions for various musical groups, and attracted renowned Slovenian musicians to perform them. His large orchestral ensembles include four symphonies, three concerts and music for brass orchestra. He pays special attention to selection and testing of less recognizable and even overlooked musical instruments, thus fulfilling his mission, which is reflected in his many chamber compositions. He revived the helicon trumpet once used by cavalry, and he encouraged the creation of family of these instruments, which he also successfully teaches as a professor at the Conservatory of Music and Ballet in Ljubljana.

His compositions were first published by the Edicije collection of the Society of Slovenian Composers and the Slovenian publishing house Sloway Music Editions. Later, foreign publishing houses, such as Honey Rock, Editions Marc Reift and Saxtet Publications published his compositions. However, quite a few remained unpublished in a "manuscript", modern notographic computer record form. Krivokapič decided to donate them to the NUK Music Collection with the aim of preserving the compositions for future generations, and to make them freely available on-line for performance and study at the present time. As a contemporary composer, he believes in the ancient roots of musical language - through generations, on the level of the unconscious, they continue into the future in his work as well. The future is guaranteed due to his careful and responsible attitude towards musical record, and willingness to exhibit his compositions without any restriction. In his digitalcollection twenty-eight files of printed music and three audio files are presented.

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