Dear publishers!

Cooperation with the Digital Library of Slovenia offers a number of advantages. The portal is the biggest digital library in Slovenia – it is a recognized and well established service attracting many users from Slovenia, as well as from other countries. The placement of your publications on the will increase the number of its readers, the publication will become more visible and authors more frequently cited.

Your publication will be published on a distinguished Internet site which is nowadays the main information source for many professionals, students and researchers. By appropriate preparation of your publication for web use (optical character recognition, metadata creation and promotion), it will become more visible in the web environment.

Inclusion of your publication on and all related services are free of charge, delivery of material is very easy.

Fill out the Agreement on cooperation (for legal entities) or the Agreement on cooperation (for natural persons) and send 2 signed printed copies to the following address:

Uprava NUK, Turjaška 1, 1000 Ljubljana.

Submit your publications through the SVAROG portal. You can choose to publish your digital publication with a delay or to make your printed publication available on line before it is published in the printed form. Nowadays, a prompt availability of information is crucial.

Publishers of scientific journals that receive funding from ARRS (Slovenian Research Agency) are advised to read the instructions on submission and the appropriate form of publication for publishing on the portal!

Should you have any questions, please send them to the address


The Digital Library of Slovenia is well aware that libraries have always been, and would remain the cornerstone for the knowledge society – however, the stored knowledge should be easily and widely accessible. The aims to become the centre of these changes, and to provide an infrastructure for new standards of librarianship.

As a digital Library we serve the public interest in the on line environment and fulfil library’s mission in the 21st century.

You are invited to join us and to participate in the library of the future. You can promote the cultural heritage of your place and its people!


The inclusion of material in is very simple. Fill out the Agreement on inclusion of library materials in, and send two signed printed copies to the following address:

Uprava NUK, Turjaška 1, 1000 Ljubljana.


Digitisation of your material will be done according to modern guidelines. Together we will prepare the relevant technical documentation, and with your permission, cooperate with provider of digitization services in preparation of test digital copies and assessment of the quality of final digitized objects.

Should you have any questions, please send them to the address


  • E-Statistics tool enables statistical monitoring of the use of your material.
  • It is available to partners who have contributed their material to the portal.
  • To access e-statistics, please fill out the form and you will receive a confirmation email.
To access e-Statistics click here.