Typographia Mayriana Labacensis

After the extradition of Joannes Manlius, nearly a century break in the field of printing activity in Carniola was interrupted by arrival of a Salzburg  typographer and bookseller Joannes Baptista Mayr (1634-1708). He came to Ljubljana in 1678 at the invitation of the provincial nobility and clergy, and of the historian Ludwig Schönleben. During more than fifty years of its operation, Mayr's printing house published several Latin, German and Slovenian scientific, educational, literary, philosophical and religious works, including works written by members of the Academia Operosorum. After Mayr’s death, his son Josephus Thaddaeus took over the printing house and the bookshop; until 1705, his widow Anna Barbara was running the printing house, later also Joannes Georgius. Around 1730, Adam Friderik Reichhardt took over the company.

A selection of prints kept at the National and University Library in Ljubljana that were suitable for digitization and some copies kept in the Miran Jarc Library, Novo mesto, and in the Ljubljana City Library are presented as a digital collection.

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