Opera Operosorum

 "Academia operosorum Labacensium", or Academy of Working citizens of Ljubljana  was founded in 1693, following the example of Italian scientific academies. The instigators of its founding were the historian and lawyer Janez Gregor Dolničar and the church provost Janez Krstnik Prešeren, that also attracted many prominent educators, nobles, citizens and ecclesiastical personalities of that time. The most sprominent members of the Academie operosorum were: Janez Anton Dolničar, chair dean and founder of the theological library, lawyer Janez Štefan Florijančič, lawyers Franz Erazem Hohenwart, Jurij Andrej Gladič and Janez Jurij Hočevar, president of the provincial court Janez Bertold Höffer and doctors Marko Grbec, Janez Andrej Coppini and Janez Krstnik Brložnik.
Their focus was on literature, local studies, science and art. At the initiative of the academics, Academia philharmonicorum, Academia incultorum and Academia Emonia, the branch of the Roman Arcadia, were founded. The Academia operosorum ceased its activities in 1725, after the death of Janez Gregor Dolničar.  
This collection presents selected works of the Academy members that were suitable for digitizing, as well as the Apes Academica or the Foundation, rules, objectives, names and symbols of the Ljubljana Academy. 

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