Kopitar's Collection

Kopitar's Collection of Slavic codices (NUK, Cod. Kop. 1–33) is one of the most precious treasures of the National and University Library. The collection is kept as a corpus separatum. As part of the bequest of the linguist Jernej Kopitar, the collection was purchased for the Lyceum Library in 1845. Most of the collection consists of the Old Church Slavonic codices of the South Slavic edition in Cyrillic, except one written in the Glagolitic alphabet. There are also some later manuscripts; five of them are new Bulgarian. The oldest manuscript in the collection is Codex Suprasliensis from the 11th century; it is one of the oldest Slavic linguistic documents written in the Cyrillic script and is listed on Unesco's Memory of the World list.

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