Johann Ludwig Schönleben

Theologian and historian Johann Ludwig Shönleben (1618–1681) was author of numerous orations, theological works, sermons, historical works, genealogies of Carniolan noble families, and other works. He was also among the initiators of Mayr's Ljubljana printing press. Among his most important historical works are Aemona vindicata (Salzburg: Haan, 1674) and Carniolia Antiqua et Nova (Ljubljana: Mayr, 1680–1681), which comprises a chronicle of Carniolan territory from the late antiquity until the year 1000. Schönleben invited Johann Wiechard Valvasor to help him with the cronicle's preparation and their cooperation later resulted in one of the most important works of Slovenian historiography – Valvasor's Die Ehre dess Hertzogthums Crain.

The collection contains Schönleben's works from the National and University Library, and the Ljubljana City Library that were suitable for digitization.

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