Because of its age, the majority of digitized material on the dLib.si portal is copyright free, which means that its use is free for anyone. Such material may be reproduced for commercial and non-commercial purposes, distributed, transformed and made available to the public. In the “rights” field, such material is marked as “Public Domain”.

Digital Library of Slovenia - dLib.si must be cited as a source for each reuse or reproduction (in print, online or in other media) of any material from the portal dLib.si. Depending on user's needs, any other metadata about the material may also be cited.

Part of the material that is born-digital or has been digitized, is provided on the basis of written consent from copyright holders. This refers mostly to newer digitized material and born-digital publications received from publishers and authors.

Use of such material is possible only with regard to provisions of the Copyright Law (Official Journal of RS, no. 16/2007), which states that a natural person may freely reproduce the work on any medium on condition that:

  • this is done for private use,
  • copies will not be made available to the public,
  • no direct or indirect economic benefits are to be achieved.

Any other use is prohibited and it may lead to legal consequences for the infringer. On the dLib.si portal such material is marked as “In Copyright” in the “rights” filed.

Due to large amount of material on the portal, some records still lack information on terms of use. In case of doubt concerning the use of our material, send your question to the address dlib@nuk.uni-lj.si. Based on the resources that are available to us, we are making every effort to provide information on permitted use of all our material.


Material marked as Public Domain can be accessed remotely from any device with internet access. In many cases, the same applies to materials marked In Copyright, however, a small portion of the material within this group is accessible only at the NUL premises. This includes some of the contemporary publications obtained from publishers as legal deposit of on line publications. In accordance with the Legal Deposit Law (Official Journal of RS, no. 69/2006), the publisher may restrict access to the submitted publications to the Library premises only. Other examples include mostly newer digitized materials that are still protected by copyright. The Library has digitized such materials under the Copyright Law, that allows public archives, libraries and museums to make available to the public works from their collections that are still protected by copyright on dedicated terminals located at their premises for research purposes.

Dedicated terminals for use of such materials are located in the Library Information Centre and the Newspaper Reading Room. In the future additional terminals will be installed also in other suitable Library premises.